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*Cosmos 2003 Schedule*

Result Date Day Home Away Trophy Ground
Lost 04-27-2003 Sunday Cosmos Mobil Scott Fairfax
Won 05-04-2003 Sunday Metro1 Cosmos Scott Metro
Rained out 05-10-2003 Saturday Cosmos Paradigm Scott Fairfax
Rained out 05-18-2003 Sunday Continental Cosmos Scott Hyattsville
Won 05-31-2003 Saturday Fairfax Cosmos Scott Fairfax
Rained out 06-07-2003 Saturday Cosmos New Castle Scott Fairfax
Lost 06-08-2003 Sunday Delaware Cosmos Scott Delaware
Lost 06-15-2003 Sunday Cosmos Ahmadiyya Scott Fairfax
Lost 06-22-2003 Sunday Virginia Cosmos Air Jamaica Fairfax
Won 06-29-2003 Sunday Suburban Cosmos Air Jamaica Jefferson
Won 07-13-2003 Sunday Cosmos Pakistan Scott Fairfax
Lost 07-19-2003 Saturday Allentown Cosmos Air Jamaica Allentown
Lost 07-27-2003 Sunday Cosmos Kensington Scott Fairfax
Won 08-03-2003 Sunday Cosmos Himalayan Scott Fairfax
Lost 08-09-2003 Saturday Baltimore Cosmos Air Jamaica Cherry Hill
Won 08-17-2003 Sunday Cosmos Bengals Air Jamaica Fairfax
Lost 08-24-2003 Sunday Star Cosmos Scott Jefferson

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