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Cosmos Cricket Club                                                                   

Welcome to the Cosmos Cricket Club (Cosmos CC) web site!!!

A club web site is a great way keep members informed, and attract a broader audience by introducing ourselves to the cricket playing community. We'll use this site to inform people about our club, share ideas, and organize events and activities.

Cosmos Cricket Club (Cosmos CC) is based in Fairfax, VA. Cosmos CC was initially founded by Deepak Patel in the year 1996. Starting with just 8-10 members, the club has currently over 25 talented cricketers from various parts of India.

Cosmos has been playing in Washington Cricket League since 1997.

Cosmos Cricket Club Achivements:

o        Kaushik Naik won award for most wickets in 2001 season 37 wickets.

o        COSMOS CC comfortably made to 2nd round of play-offs for year 2001, Lost in Quarter finals.

o        Winners of Conyers, a inter-division Trophy in 2000

o        Won the Captain of the Year award in 1999.